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→  NEW Conductivity meter for non-ferromagnetic metals - 12Z

The new model 12Z Eddy Current Conductivity Meter for metals supercedes our previous model (DC-11M). With a large graphic LCD display, it is easy to use and has a small diameter sensor (10mm) which provides exceptional lift-off compensation allowing measurements in small painted samples. When measuring conductivity our model 12Z also displays the approximate coating thickness which provides more useful information about the measurement.

Conductivity measurements are returned in %IACS (Percentage of International Annealed Copper Standard) units. The conductivity of copper is approximately 100 %IACS at 20°C.

Our instrument is calibrated against international standards (Boeing) and measures non-destructively based on the Eddy Current principle.

The conductivity of metals changes with temperature but readings are compensated automatically to the values at 20°C by adjustment with known standards provided with the instrument. Contact us for more information.

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